About Us

Welcome to Kursu Zeme Sia

We have a top notoriety in the market for offering the most excellent items. We take pride in our self-reliance, as we keep up a full creation cycle and guarantee high and stable quality of meat items and produced meat. We have our own butchery, transport to convey items to our clients, as well as our own research centers to direct the quality of input materials and flavors. Our team works with clients and providers to guarantee that the products meet the regularly changing business sector needs. We work all year to keep up healthy cattle development. All cattle on the homesteads are assessed by an expert veterinarian to guarantee great wellbeing and quality consideration. All cattle are assembled by age and weight to encourage the planned purchaser's decision. This method is a piece of our product and administration quality approach which brings purchasers back a seemingly endless amount of time after year. We invest wholeheartedly ourselves on conveying adaptable help that is modified to address our clients' issues.


Offer to customers a wide, differentiated, excellent scope of products, give workers stable employment and development openings, consistently create and accomplish ever more elevated outcomes, term and stable associations with customers dependent on decency, transparency and steadfastness.


Keep the pioneer position in Latvia among meat preparing organizations, reinforce position in outside business sectors, be perceived among customers as a maker of top notch items and be a steady, solid accomplice.