We are leading specialised meat production and preparing companies. Our company is notable for production of qualitative and safe meat.We are centered on the local market and international markets. For a long time, we have been autonomously improving and modernizing our production procedures to guarantee that the finished result matches with the desires for the customers. The experience obtained and the high capabilities of employees permit our company to set exclusive standards that are observed by its entire staff.

We always try

  • to deliver and sell subjective and safe meat items made in Latvia;
  • to be open and socially mindful, to reinforce the budgetary situation of the organization;
  • to work with activity and furnish the representatives with a chance to communicate inventively and capably;
  • to advance production development in a planned manner and guarantee customer dedication;
  • to look into the future, investigating all the most up to date improvements in the fields of meat preparing;
  • to fortify and advance the item brand;
  • to be situated towards the creation of excellent items, taking the main situations on the Latvian market in the creation and preparing of meat.