We provide flesh to majority of supermarkets all over Germany, Poland, Czech, Denmark, Belm, Latvia, Lithuania and Netherland

Slaughterhouse Service

Our slaughterhouse is one of the most current in Latvia. In our slaughterhouse, dairy cattle, sheep, pigs and different varieties are butchered for organization's own utilization, yet slaughtering services for different butchers shops, shops, eateries, ranchers who go to ranchers markets and animals for the uncommon variety endurance trust showcasing plan are given too. Slaughterhouse gives a completely guaranteed electronic tracking system of the slaughtered animals. We do our work according to your prerequisites; primal cuts or quarter or to your careful detail in the event that you have explicit cuts you would like.



Deboned meat is broadly utilized as crude material for the undeniably mainstream accommodation food items. Deboned meat in this way discovers its way to a perpetual assortment of final results, bound for business sectors everywhere throughout the world. We have profoundly effective deboning frameworks to help the meat handling industry in understanding the correct quality item and to fulfill the developing interest for deboned meat.Our deboning hardware is conservative and adaptable being used, it conforms to the strictest principles of cleanliness, profitability, yield and effectiveness, in blend effortlessly of activity and low support.


Packaging is today a basic vehicle to give physical security to the meat items from natural dangers and control microbiological development during the timeframe of shelf period. It is a solitary variable in an intricate condition of meat quality that includes the attributes of animals, sterile states of butchering facilities, stockpiling, and transportation conditions. We study the subtleties on the performance of various sealing materials, gas hindrance layers, and auxiliary arrangements just as explicit qualities of packaging for example, vacuum sacks, shrink barrier packs, thermoforming, vacuum skin, and altered environment packaging before utilizing it for packaging of our products.



Meat products are refrigerated or solidified after processing and before shipment to restrain deterioration and development of microbes. During transportation and storage, the challenge is to keep up legitimate refrigeration temperatures. Because transportation and storage are imperative links in the farm-to-table food chain, we take effective control measures at each point in the food conveyance chain to forestall unexpected contamination. We apply various guidelines to transport distinctive meat products. Human contact is restricted with the products and the products are packaged and checked for leakers, temperature, packaging and so forth before transportation.

By-products processing

The by-products are utilized as valuable ingredients in the food business, as compost in agriculture, can frequently be found in pharmaceutical production and are utilized in numerous branches of industry in the form of industrial fats such as by-products from animals. Animal oils and fats, high worth proteins but also skin, bones, blood, etc., are significant crude materials and their production and processing make a significant contribution to profitability in the meat industry. We bolster handling and rendering plants with exceptionally created equipment and innovative procedure lines, in which the specific focus is on proficiency, sterile structure and quality.